Gain Visibility into Your Entire Cannabis Enterprise

Preventative compliance, precise inventory visibility, and streamlined operations at nearly every point in the supply chain with our powerful and data-rich enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


  • Track plant genetics & forecast yields
  • Calculate cost of goods & improve profitability
  • Access data across the business


  • Manage suppliers & customers
  • Streamline workflows
  • Leverage sales & marketing data


  • Manage sales & inventory
  • Track shipping & deliveries
  • Gain marketing insights


  • Track sales & inventory in real time
  • Integrate & automate loyalty programs and online menus
  • Mine patient & customer analytics


  • Optimize delivery routes with OnFleet integration
  • Gain visibility into inventory availability in real-time
  • Mine rich data and analytics about customers and inventory velocity

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Compliance Made Easy

Staying on top of cannabis regulations is kind of a buzzkill—but it’s a large part of your business. MJ Platform was built with cannabis compliance top of mind, alerting you to potential violations based on your own data and offering more state-certified integrations to Metrc than any other software.

Cannabis Consulting

Experts who speak the language of both cannabis and business

Opportunities abound in cannabis, but starting and running a hemp or cannabis enterprise is incredibly complex and quickly evolving. With 30+ years experience in cannabis cultivation, processing and retail, our consultants can help you successfully open, operate, and scale your business.

Why MJ Platform?

MJ Platform leverages a rare combination of people, technology, and business expertise to make your operations thrive.

Data & Reporting

Access data and reporting tools for business insight and smarter decision-making across your enterprise.


Simplify your job with an easy-to-use platform for all your employees.


Easily integrate with your CRM and other technology using our open API.

Amazing Team

Leverage our passionate team of experts, who are here to help you succeed every step of the way.

Experience Matters

We don’t mean to brag, but we invented seed-to-sale software for the cannabis industry more than 10 years ago—and we’re still going strong today.


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Why Our Clients Love Us

“Our onboarding and training was incredibly smooth and effective. We'll be leaders in Nevada thanks in part to MJ Freeway.”

Chelsey Joseph, Las Vegas Releaf

“Lee helped me out on a Saturday morning when I wasn't even sure if any support would be available and that was amazing.  I started to panic and then he called me right back to help which was awesome!” 

Faith Smith, Greener Pastures

“Switching to MJ Freeway was easy. Loved it. My plants are easy to track and I love using the software.”

Giovanni Garcia, CannaCulture Collective

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Jessica Billingsley Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Nina Simosko Chief Revenue Officer
Ray Thompson Chief Operating Officer
Ruth Ann Kraemer Chief Financial Officer
Scott Daly VP of Sales

Our People

We’re more than a cannabis software platform. We’re the kind of partner who’ll be on-site on your launch day and just a phone call away whenever you need us. The only thing our team is more passionate about than cannabis is helping businesses thrive. With more across-the-board expertise than anyone in the cannabis tech business, our team is here to put your mind at ease.