Surprise! How This Client Exceeded Inspectors’ Expectations.

Undergoing a cannabis operations inspection can be nerve racking. What are they looking for? How can I prepare?

Trust us. It is possible to feel fully confident about passing your next inspection.

Recently, we worked with a client in a state with a newly created medical cannabis program. We worked with them to understand what an inspector or regulatory agency is looking for. Our team has experience working with different regulatory agencies across many industries including health departments, building code departments, OSHA, and legal cannabis.

We provided our insight of working with hundreds of clients in dozens of markets to help our clients be ready for anything that they would need to address during the inspection.

When inspection day came, they were ready. However, we were still right there with them to ensure everything went smoothly. When the inspectors arrived, they admitted they had never conducted an inspection of a cannabis operation. Some of them had never even set foot in an existing operation.

At the beginning of the inspection, all of the regulators were very skeptical and unengaged. We started engaging directly with them in conversations about the industry and industry standards.This enabled us to show them how our client went above and beyond state standards to ensure safety and compliance.

As a result, all of the regulators left the building giving their vote of confidence and appreciation for not only educating them but setting their minds at ease, as well.  They all agreed our client set the bar at an extremely high level for all other operators.