The Future Of Cannabis Seed-To-Sale Industry And Technology

Aside from the restrictive rules that govern the production and distribution of cannabis products, the transition from individual to fully public is the greatest challenge faced by most cannabis businesses. Luckily, technology is available to fill the void.

But what’s seed-to-sale and the future it holds?

What Is Seed-To-Sale Software?

A seed-to-sale software helps track products as they’re grown, merchandised, and distributed through different channels. This is the solution to meet the evolving standards of the cannabis industry. This software system can be used by manufacturers, growers, dispensaries, and local governments to watch over the activities of cannabis from cultivation to consumption.

Commercial versions of these systems are used to enhance inventory management, pilferage, and point of sale tracking. These systems can generate accurate records associated with product quality assurance. In some states, enterprise owners are ordered to affix a barcode to every plant for tracking.

How Seed-To-Sale Technology Can Help You?

The cannabis industry is getting competitive that’s why wholesale prices have declined. Growers are looking for new methods to reduce costs and enhance operations. So what growers want today is a comprehensive, straightforward inventory management solution that’s built with the purpose to make the life of growers easier.

The answer is seed-to-sale tracking software.

Here are some ways this software platform can help you as a grower:

  • Materials Management: A robust software can help track and manage the cost of raw materials.
  • Product Quality And Consistency: Growing and producing the same output every time is difficult. A good software will help you get all the data needed to produce the best product quality.
  • Genealogy Tracking: Being able to keep track of genealogy and make new hybrids will raise your market value.
  • Process And Cost Analysis: Determining the cost and the entire operation can help you determine opportunities and risks for process improvement.

Systems Security In The Cloud

Seed-to-sale software systems need to be secure. This is why some companies have started using the cloud environment authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). This management program provides the highest level of data security and is presumed to enhance the speed of any seed-to-sale trace system.

In the future, there will be more focus on technology to make these systems more elaborate. There will also be strong competition among the providers. But in the end, these systems could revert back to commercial applications with a focus on light tracking. There will be fewer restrictions as more states legalize cannabis.

MJ Platform is a Top Provider in the Seed-To-Sale Industry.

MJ Platform ensures state and federal compliance. Its platform helps track the product from the growing phase to sale. It boasts a comprehensive cannabis tracking software that helps reduce product losses and enhance efficiency by monitoring all costs and yields. We’d love to tell you more about how this software can uplevel your business, reach out to us here.