Meet our team...


Operations Consultant

Entrepreneurial-minded operations and project manager with a background in creative and cannabis industries managing teams and project cycles under tight deadlines in fast-paced environments. With over eight years of experience at cannabis startups, Karen brings an analytical perspective and blend of problem-solving chops, tenacity, adaptability and a “get-it-done-by-any-means” drive.

“Get it done by any means.”


Operations Consultant

James “Jim” Cox collected legal signatures for the listing and eventual passage of the United State’s first medical cannabis law. He has extensive experience in developing a professional sales program for statewide cannabis wholesale and distribution startups and has been an advocate for the industry since the early 90s.

“I've been an advocate for the industry since the early 90s.”


Director of Consulting

Cannabis industry expert, with a background in Civil Engineering and Construction Management. Owner/operator of licensed cultivation/processing facility in Washington DC since 2013.

“Businesses need consultants with experience in the industry.”


Operations Consultant

From budtender to general manager, Gustin has a wide range of experience in cannabis retail. He has increased dispensary revenue by 20%, improved operational efficiencies across multiple locations, and trained staff on compliance requirements to successfully pass inspections.

“Growing knowledge and acceptance of this plant will lead to much more responsible usage by patients and consumers.”


Senior Project Manager / Operations Consultant

Jamie specializes in client and application project management and has worked on competitive applications for over 4 years. Her experience spans multiple industries and functional concentrations with a career marked by impressive contributions in project management, account management, business operations, technology adoption/setup, marketing, communications, finance and employee relations.

“We’re not the outsider, looking in. We sit at the table with you and help you build your cannabis business.”


Strategic Analyst

As a Strategic Analyst, Mike develops the right strategies for applications in emerging states. He focuses on understanding local regulations and standards as well as the environment in which our clients will operate, and determines what we believe will result in winning the highest scores. With a background in law, he’s an expert in interpreting state regulations and writing applications which demonstrate why our clients should be chosen for a license.

“Getting through the application process is the most important part of becoming a cannabis business. Once you get licensed, the possibilities are limitless.”