It’s not just about the plants. It’s about strategic seed-to-sale cultivation.

Growers are the backbone of the marijuana and industrial hemp trade. Part botanist and part businessperson, the decisions you make daily will influence the quality and availability of cannabis products that support a multi-billion-dollar industry. What might have worked in the past when you were a small-time operator won’t cut it in today’s “green rush” economy, as others with advanced operations stream into the marketplace at a breakneck pace.


To ensure your operation stays competitive, you must be able to access the information, intelligence, and efficiency tactics employed by the big guys. MJ Platform is fully-compliant cannabis growing software that evolves with your cultivation business, providing you with tools and insight to increase your efficiency and yield.

Strengthen your roots in the marijuana industry

As more and more states open to legalization, you have the opportunity to establish a strong foothold in an industry that has its best days ahead. MJ Platform, powered by Akerna, is recreational and medical marijuana grower software developed by hemp and cannabis industry experts to conform to the unique needs of cannabis cultivators–not retrofitted ERP software for other commercial farmers or pharmaceuticals.

Track Costs

  • Track costs for labor, nutrients, lighting, water, etc.
  • Eliminate dual record-keeping and data entry
  • Reveal areas of inefficiency

Streamline Operations

  • 24/7 access from any mobile device
  • Customized to your unique workflow
  • Real-time integration with the business process tools you’re already using

Manage Staff

  • Scheduling tools
  • Assign tasks
  • Role-based permissions

Generate Business Intelligence

  • Historical yield data
  • Clear, useful visualizations
  • Forecasting tools

Systematize Cultivation

  • Set schedules for every stage of your process
  • View real-time reports
  • Track waste for proper disposal

Strengthen Partnerships

  • In-system communications on orders, invoice payment, statuses, and more
  • Reminders and automated communications for re-orders
  • Save past sales and purchase history records

See the Cultivation Module In Action!

Use cannabis growing software for foolproof cultivation

Though you try your hardest, it’s impossible for you to be everywhere at once. It’s difficult to trust employees to know what to do, especially if your cannabis business is expanding into new territories or you have high staff turnover. Use your software to set schedules for every step in your cannabis or hemp cultivation process, including bending and securing, topping, FIMing, cloning, fertilization, harvesting, drying, and curing—and anything else you do to protect and nurture your crop.

Staff actions can have a serious impact on the profitability of your yield, so it’s important to keep an eye on who’s working where and how they’re doing. With built-in scheduling, payroll and task tools, you get a greater sense of staff productivity. This information helps you determine, without a doubt, whether your team is operating at maximum efficiency or if you need to hire additional staff. MJ Platform also provides virtual visibility into employee performance, enabling you to reward great team members and see who needs a boost.

Next-generation cannabis and hemp cultivation software turns information into action

MJ Platform is an all-in-one system that integrates with other business tools you’re already using. Stop wasting time transferring data from one system to another: MJ Platform lets you manage accounting, cultivation controls, HR, wholesale marketplaces (and more), all from a single solution. If you change information in one place, it automatically updates across the board, saving you the time and worry about possible data mismatch or double entry.

A single, user-friendly dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your operation—in all departments, locations, states, countries, and currencies—so you can get answers quickly and make smarter business decisions. With fast, easy access to clear visualizations and robust analytics, you can stop playing guessing games with your business strategy and start making calculated decisions.

Cannabis grow software with a human touch

Some cannabis technologies are just ERP software that have been retrofitted from other industries. Not MJ Platform. We launched the first seed-to-sale software developed specifically for the cannabis, industrial hemp, and CBD industries because we knew exactly what information is valuable to cultivators and all the other professionals in the recreational and medicinal cannabis business. This organic, bottom-up thinking and proven industry track record helps us understand the true day-to-day concerns involved in running a successful cannabis cultivation operation.

We know that your process is unique to your business, so we developed a solution that conforms to how you operate, not the other way around. Even in this multi-billion-dollar industry, there aren’t a lot of trustworthy resources to turn to for unbiased help and accurate advice. So through set-up, launch and beyond, we’re here to offer advice, guidance, and support to help your cannabis or industrial hemp business succeed.


Compliance cultivation software that protects your plants—and your profits

Minor record-keeping errors can compromise everything you’ve worked hard for. Whether you’ve been in the cannabis business for decades or you’re just launching your hemp or CBD cultivation operation, rigorous compliance standards apply in every territory. Not only are you tasked with tracking dozens of pieces of information at once, reporting requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you operate in more than one territory, or are thinking of expanding your cannabis cultivation operations, that means keeping track of thousands of details at any given time. If you’re still operating on disparate documents, localized spreadsheets, or pen and paper, you’re a sitting duck for non-compliance.

MJ Platform, powered by Akerna, has cultivation compliance rules built directly into your cannabis cultivation software, so the data you need is collected, formatted, and transmitted on your behalf as you go about your daily business.

Keep a close eye on your inventory

As a responsible cannabis cultivator, you should know where every single piece of every single plant is at all times, including waste. Akerna’s marijuana grow software helps you track the exact location of each plant, who among your staff have interacted with it during its life cycle, and how every portion of that plant was used or discarded.

Automate reporting

Eliminate the perpetual anxiety of missing a reporting deadline or receiving a compliance inspection notice. MJ Platform uses API integration to connect to the cannabis bureau in every territory in which you operate. The software automatically collects the data you are required to report for that jurisdiction and submits it on your behalf.

Avoid surprises

Cannabis compliance requirements change so frequently, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Every time a requirement is updated, you run the risk of incorrectly reporting your cultivation activities, instantly triggering an audit that can shut you down permanently. That’s why compliance warnings are built into our intuitive seed-to-sale cultivation platform, alerting you to possible violations well before they occur.

You don't buy tools—you buy smart cannabis people with smart cultivation tools

Switching to new cannabis ERP software doesn’t mean you’re suddenly on your own. We’ll help you set up your system in just the right way to support the workflow you have already established. Our cannabis experts first get to know your business, then create a customized switchover plan that will streamline and strengthen your cannabis and hemp operations.

Here are some of the ways we combine our cultivation expertise and software tools to help you become more profitable and productive:

Review plant and product cultivation procedures for compliance and safety
Provide role-based, recorded training for each role in your organization
Set up tracking of nutrient mixes by plant grouping to track cost of goods and maximize yields
Configure cultivation and/or retail reports
Identify inefficiencies and redundancies in your operational setup to save time and trim labor costs