Cannabis delivery shouldn’t be a drag

The boom in today’s delivery service is a huge opportunity for canna-business operators. Delivery enables you to open up new territories and build a stronger face-to-face connection with your patients and customers. But if your cannabis delivery service isn’t done right, you could eat up valuable time, lose track of your product, waste money, and jeopardize your license.


Intelligent seed-to-sale cannabis delivery software from Akerna consolidates your operations so you can be more strategic about your delivery service. Whether drop-offs are simply a service you offer, or if your entire operation is devoted to marijuana delivery, integrating your data and business intelligence into a single platform puts you back in control.

Conquer the Runaround

In addition to the day-to-day management of running a legal marijuana business, delivery services must balance additional logistical challenges that are unique to this vertical. Make your delivery operations more productive and profitable with MJ Platform–Akerna’s generation 2 software for cannabis companies.

Control Inventory

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Set automated reminders for re-orders
  • Review past sales records and purchase history

Increase ROI

  • Detailed cost tracking
  • Review sales data from your best customers
  • Establish and track revenue benchmarks

Be More Efficient

  • Monitor your entire operation from a single dashboard
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Optimize delivery routes with an OnFleet integration

Manage Staff

  • Straightforward scheduling tools
  • Role-based permissions
  • Assign tasks

Generate Business Intelligence

  • Clear, useful visualizations
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Compare to industry baselines

Simplify Operations

  • 24/7 access from any mobile device
  • Customized to your unique workflow
  • Integrate with your current business tools

See the Delivery Module In Action!

Free your staff and success will follow

Cannabis delivery services have to be flexible in order to meet customers and patients on their own turf. To truly reach max efficiency, you need to be able to track your staff and supplies, even when they’re all over the map.

MJ Platform is a secure, cloud-based software that lets you and your team capture data, receive tasks, and view information from any place, on any device. No more meeting back at base to review the day’s receipts or trading dozens of emails at the end of the workday. With MJ Platform, you get instant visibility into exactly what's happening in your cannabis delivery service right now. In-platform tools let you set schedules, draft delivery routes, and assign tasks, so you don’t have to be in the same room with your staff in order to oversee their work.

Cannabis delivery software that's designed to keep up

In the world of cannabis delivery, no two days are alike. You need to be able to roll with whatever comes your way, or risk falling behind. MJ Platform was developed by cannabis industry experts who understand how your operation inherently differs from delivery services in other industries. That’s why the software was built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of the legal marijuana economy—not retrofitted from another industry and loaded with complicated workarounds. As the cannabis industry evolves, we’ll continue to provide sophisticated ERP software that helps you hit your stride.

Your software is on a fact-finding mission

ERP software for cannabis delivery services is relentless about building up one of your business’ most valuable assets: data. Every action you enter into this powerful integrated platform system updates all your records automatically. Monitor your progress from an easy-to-use executive dashboard that shows you what’s happening across every department, location, state, and country where you operate.

Your treasure trove of digital gold grows bigger with every keystroke. But data is only as valuable as the message it conveys, so you must be able to make sense of what you’re seeing. MJ Platform features beautifully-designed data visualizations that help you instantly see the past, present, and future potential of your delivery business. You can also use MJ Platform to see how you stack up against the industry as a whole by tapping into the cannabis marketplace’s largest set of industry aggregate data. This perspective is a powerful tool for spotting previously unseen market opportunities.


Master compliance so your profits don’t take a hit

Failure to keep up with compliance reporting can have a devastating impact on your cannabis delivery business. Because your operation takes place in a decentralized location, there are lots of opportunities for compliance reporting to slip through the cracks. MJ Platform was developed with compliance as a top priority to protect your company and your bottom line.

Automated Reporting

MJ Platform connects to the local cannabis bureau in all the regions you do business. A secure API interface means that the software will login automatically to report your stats, so you never have to go through the front end of a regulator website again.

Frequently Updated

The rules for canna-businesses are changing constantly. We monitor all upcoming changes to regulations and embed new parameters into the software, so you never risk accidentally underreporting or transmitting the wrong information.