Make more connections. Increase legal sales. Repeat.

As a distributor, you’re the grease that keeps the marijuana economy moving forward. The work you put in today is building the foundation for a strong future. You help regulators keep an eye on product movement. You protect dispensaries from counterfeit products. You make sure patients and customers know what level of dosage they’re getting. You’re passionate about cannabis and we’re passionate about canna-businesses. Our generation 2 cannabis distribution software provides tools, analytics, and insights that help you manage every aspect of marijuana distribution more efficiently and profitably.

Stop running around and start thinking more strategically

Today’s hemp and cannabis distributors aren’t operating out of a corner in the basement—they’re acquiring entire warehouses. In an industry that is expanding by the day, if you’re still running your distribution operation on spreadsheets and scratch pads—or different computers on different people’s desks—you’re setting yourself up for problems sooner rather than later.

As distribution competition tightens, only the strategic will survive. Integrate your data from all your systems (in all your locations in all jurisdictions) and get a clear idea of exactly what’s going on with your business.

Control Inventory

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Future predictions
  • Re-order alerts

Increase ROI

  • Detailed cost tracking
  • Review sales data from your best customers
  • Track revenue benchmarks

Be More Efficient

  • Monitor your entire operation from a single dashboard
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Integrate MJ Platform with your existing business tools

Strengthen Partnerships

  • Invoice and payment tracking
  • In-app communication tools
  • Easy access to customer purchase history

Build Business Intelligence

  • Spot industry-wide trends
  • Track revenue benchmarks
  • View real-time info from all your locations

Protect Compliance

  • Error-proof labeling
  • Automatic reporting
  • Built-in warnings

See the Distribution Module In Action!

Chart a clearer course for your distribution company

With so many new products popping up and more and more distribution businesses entering the legal cannabis market, it can be hard to figure out exactly what your next move should be. No matter what you read in the trade publications or what you hear on the street, the fact is: data doesn’t lie.

Akerna's seed-to-sale cannabis distribution software, MJ Platform, is relentless about gathering thousands of data points about your business, so you can keep an eye on your status in the industry.

Feeling nervous about more numbers? Don’t be. Beautiful data visualization tools show you quickly and clearly the answers to questions you want to know about your distribution operation’s past, present, and predicted future performance. Use these convenient, data-driven design elements to bring department heads up to speed, project quarterly spending, or start building the case for future investors.

Keep track of your team

By nature, the distribution business is all over the place. If you’re not delivering product to customers, you’re arranging for laboratory testing, shaking hands at trade shows, or getting some face time with potential partners.

You can’t be everywhere at once—but your software can. MJ Platform is a secure, cloud-based software built specifically for the cannabis industry to provide you with constant virtual visibility into who’s working and the productivity of their work.

With visibility at macro and individual levels, you can communicate remotely, assign tasks, and manage all the data from your team (things like schedules, hours, payroll, performance) all in one place, from wherever you happen to be.

Built by experts who believe in your business

We’re deeply invested in the cannabis industry—its past and its future. We have lobbied for marijuana rights, supported cannabis organizations that do noble work, and been part of shaping the global green economy into what it has become today.

But when legal cannabis first emerged on the scene, we spotted a major issue: there was no integrated ERP software built specifically to address the real-world operational needs of cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, or retailers. So, we made it our mission to fix that. Now, 10 years later, we have built the most sophisticated seed-to-sale software the cannabis industry has ever seen. Day in and day out, we’re still brainstorming ways to help cannabis businesses reach their maximum potential.

We're obsessed with compliance, so you don’t have to be

Our decade in the legal cannabis industry has taught us: when it comes to compliance, you can never be too careful. But with so many territory-specific regulations that seem to change by the minute, even if you’re a walking encyclopedia of rules and requirements, a typo or missed deadline can still bring your business to its knees. We built rigorous compliance checks into our seed-to-sale cannabis distribution software that can keep up with your business at every scale, in all territories. It’s not just cannabis compliance software—it’s a cannabis compliance guarantee.

Automate Reporting

Secure API keys connect MJ Platform directly to the regulatory bodies in your area, so you never have to log into a compliance portal again.

Error Alerts

Built-in alerts notify you when you’re about to break compliance rules, so you can make adjustments before a violation occurs.

Always Accurate

Our team of cannabiz experts monitor upcoming marijuana regulations, updating requirements on the software’s back end to make sure that gaps or lag time never become an issue.