The secret ingredient to increased infused product ROI

You carefully combine high quality ingredients to make the best products for your customers—so why don’t you employ the same rigor when it comes to your own business sales? Every aspect of your marijuana extraction and infusion operation is an important part of your organizational recipe for success: the staff you choose, the products you develop, and the partners you select to work with along the way.


Today’s cannabis and CBD manufacturers have a major advantage their predecessors never did—access to a massive influx of data from every corner of the industry. No matter what type of cannabis-infused product you produce, data is a crucial ingredient that can take your infusion and extraction business to the next level.

Streamline your operations and start thinking strategically

Operational inefficiencies lead to waste, which directly impacts your bottom line. Akerna’s integrated cannabis manufacturing software and software for CBD manufacturers gives you the ability to see the big picture and drill down into individual details to determine where you can be smarter about your manufacturing processes and the overall direction of your company.

Increase ROI

  • Track and compare all COGS
  • Review sales data from cannabis retail shops
  • Reveal areas where you can be more efficient

Streamline Operations

  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Customized to your unique workflow
  • Integrate MJ Platform with your existing business tools

Oversee Staff

  • Scheduling tools
  • Assign tasks
  • Role-based permissions

Generate Business Intelligence

  • Historical yield data
  • Clear, useful visualizations
  • Accurate forecasting

Systematize Manufacturing

  • Standardize recipes
  • View real-time reports
  • Track waste for proper disposal

Strengthen Partnerships

  • Track orders, invoice payment, statuses, and more
  • Set automated reminders for re-orders
  • Access past sales records and purchase history

See the Manufacturing Module In Action!

Embrace your data

We know that capturing all this data and comparing it to what’s happening in the cannabis and hemp industry sounds like a lot more work. But that’s the beauty of our generation 2 seed-to-sale marijuana manufacturing software: it quietly collects all the data you can dream of in the background of your daily operations. Every product that rolls off your conveyor belt is tracked by the software and stored for easy access and cross-indexing when it’s time to make decisions about your manufacturing business.

Whether you want to know, down to the penny, how much it costs to make that brownie or dog treat, or the exact yield you’re getting from your cultivation partner’s product, the data set provided by MJ Platform cannabis manufacturing software contains all the answers you need.


Don't let compliance issues leave a bad taste in your mouth

Beyond strict rules and regulations that are already in place for all consumables, dealing with a product as new to the market as legal cannabis brings its own set of compliance standards that you can’t afford to violate. Failure to follow specific manufacturing protocols that vary by region can cost you your business license and shut down your entire operation.

Don’t compromise your operational status by using manufacturing software that is retrofitted from other industries. Here’s how Akerna’s cannabis manufacturing software protects you from the headache and heartache of compliance management.

Inventory Control

Stop worrying about losing track of raw ingredients or finished products. Sophisticated tracking tools built directly into your software let you know the quantity and location of every element of your supply chain. Detailed reports deliver a real-time picture of every brownie, dog treat, bottle of lotion or anything else in your inventory at every moment.

Automate reporting

Reduce the time drain and risk of incorrect data entry by letting your marijuana seed-to-sale software log into the cannabis bureau and report for you. By pulling data directly from your daily operations, you never have to worry about falling behind or making oversights that attract regulator attention.

Built-In Alerts

During hectic production schedules or after new staff hires, it’s easy to let your compliance standards slide. That’s where your cannabis manufacturing software steps in. Real-time alerts let you and your staff know if anyone is about to slip up and accidentally violate compliance procedures. This level of advanced notice lets you correct minor issues before they become major problems.