Stoke your staff with cannabis POS software they actually want to use

As more and more recreational and medical marijuana storefronts pop up, customer service is already making a major impact on the dispensaries that succeed versus the ones that go bust. Your staff may be enthusiastic, well-trained and love their jobs, but when the retail floor gets hectic, it’s what happens during the transaction that ultimately stays with the customer.


Give your budtenders a POS system that helps them do their jobs better. MJ Platform’s next-gen point-of-sale features are built from the ground up around the budtending experience, not retrofitted for marijuana sales from some other retail POS software. Smart, streamlined, and intuitive, the system understands how a cannabis sales transaction actually takes place, so your staff can focus on your patients and customers, not wrestling with clunky, complicated POS tech.

Tap into the goldmine right beneath your fingertips

One of your most valuable assets will never appear on your company balance sheet: data. Sometimes data tells a very different story than what your experience has shown you or what you see day-to-day. This insight is crucial if you want to make more strategic decisions to grow your business or share information with others who have a vested interest in your company’s performance.

All the data in the world won’t do you any good if it’s trapped in siloed systems. When you integrate your data, you sharpen your perspective. Your cannabis POS software is on the front lines of tracking your inventory, incoming sales, customer base, and compliance. Aggregate, consolidate, and compare the data you’re collecting anyway to make more calculated decisions about your company’s future.

Turn your customer & patient database into a loyal fan base

The entire retail experience has advanced by leaps and bounds over recent years and cannabis dispensaries are expected to keep up. Customers have higher standards than ever about how they want to feel, and the treatment they want to receive, during every transaction at every place of business. Their loyalties will turn on a dime if they have a single bad encounter or an overall better experience somewhere else.

With integrated POS software for cannabis, your teams can focus on people, not struggling with the sales process. Your POS system is quietly capturing valuable data to guide you in creating discount offers, coupons, loyalty programs and customer tiers that reward your patients/customers and let them know that you value their business. By learning more about who your customers are and what they’re buying, you can tailor the experience to make them feel special.

Marijuana dispensary software built to go beyond the basics

When it comes down to it, the register is a major part of what makes or breaks a cannabis dispensary. If your budtenders aren’t ringing up sales, you’re losing money. If you’re not strict about tracking transactions, you risk running into problems with the compliance bureau. And if your patients or customers think the whole thing is a hassle, they probably won’t be back.

Keeping track of all the details is difficult enough if you’re still using a POS system that isn’t built for cannabis. If you want to add another location or expand to a new state with totally different regulations, your POS system can become the weak link that topples your entire organization.

MJ Platform is a powerful, integrated solution that lets you sell with confidence at every location. Here are just a few key features:

Seamless Integration

  • Integrates with your existing business tools
  • Works with your current printing/scanning hardware
  • Cloud-based (no local installation required)

Business Intelligence

  • Real-time revenue insight
  • Enterprise view dashboard with visualizations
  • Multi-location management

Customer Management

  • Rewards program ready
  • Customizable discounts
  • Save product preferences and medical needs

Process control

  • Role-based permissions
  • Real-time batch-level inventory tracking
  • Employee sales tracking

Compliance Protection

  • Purchase limits alerts
  • Compliant label printing
  • Hours of operation compliance

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Fast employee training
  • Easy manual adjustments during transactions

Take the guesswork out of inventory management

Inventory is a mix of moving parts that never seems to slow down. If you’re still tracking inventory by updating a spreadsheet or looking at shelf levels, you’re running the risk of your customers leaving your store empty-handed and finding a new favorite dispensary. Inventory management doesn’t have to be detailed and time-intensive if you’re using the right POS tools.

MJ Platform gives you everything you need to become proactive about predicting sales. Keeping the right balance of inventory on hand means you’re not over-spending or under-ordering on products. Stabilize your cash flow, reduce budtender frustrations, and please your patients/customers. When you can see the full spectrum of your inventory at any given moment, you never have to worry about having the right product at the right time.

  • Automated re-order alerts
  • Batch-level inventory tracking
  • Bar code printing
  • Traffic pattern analysis
  • Customer purchase histories

Make the right marketing moves

Stop wasting money with a shotgun approach to marketing. Zero in on your best customers so you can better serve them and identify the customers who aren’t coming in as often, so you can re-spark their interest.

Comprehensive historical data is the foundation for accurate future predictions. MJ Platform collects and stores your data to help you and your marketing teams develop clear customer profiles. When do they shop? What do they buy? What are they most likely to buy—or want to try—in the future? Instead of relying on gut feelings or buyer generalizations, MJ Platform provides real data to inform smarter marketing strategies.

We also collect one of the cannabis industry’s most extensive sets of market-wide data, so you can adjust your outreach tactics to attract more interest from current marijuana enthusiasts and convert the cannabis-curious into first-time buyers. Stand out from your competition by taking a personalized approach to connecting with your customers.

We’re all in this together

Switching to a new cannabis dispensary software system can seem a little scary. Will the changeover process be complicated? How easy will it be for your staff to get up to speed? What if you have questions? Relax, we’ve got your back.

Whether you’re going to be opening the doors of your first cannabis dispensary soon, or you’re comfortably settled into your own way of doing things, our expert seed-to-sale cannabis consultants will stay by your side during set-up and implementation. We’ll make sure you feel fully confident before the training wheels come off.

Because our team is comprised of experienced cannabis industry professionals, we understand exactly how marijuana dispensary workflows and POS transactions happen. The beauty of the MJ Platform is that we customize it to meet your operational needs, not ask you to start doing things differently to accommodate rigid technology. That said, switching to a new POS system—especially one as powerful and flexible as MJ Platform—is a great opportunity to streamline old systems and processes that might have worked for your business when you were first starting out, but no longer apply now that you’ve grown. Based on our decade of experience, we offer insight and suggestions that help you save time, reduce waste, and quit getting bogged down by minutia.


All the stuff you need to get started

MJ Platform works with most existing POS printers and scanners, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. But if you’re just opening your doors, want to upgrade an aging POS system, or are expanding into more locations, we offer a wide range of reliable cannabis dispensary POS hardware that will work seamlessly with your new platform.

With integrated POS software, compliance becomes the least of your worries

Constant cannabis regulation changes open up the possibility of one of your staff making an innocent mistake that could cost your business in a big way. MJ Platform POS software comes equipped with built-in cannabis compliance rules to protect your teams from accidental—or intentional—violations.

Stay Current

Instead of keeping all the cannabis regulations in your head (which is practically impossible if you operate in more than one state or territory), we stay on top of all local regulations for you. When a new change is made, we automatically update your POS software, so your staff doesn’t miss a beat when ringing up compliant transactions.

Automatic Alerts

When it comes to marijuana compliance, what you don’t know can hurt you. The MJ Platform POS system is not just powerful, it’s also intuitive. If a budtender or inventory manager is about to pull from the wrong batch or oversell a particular product, a warning is automatically triggered. This lets the salesperson make the adjustment right then and there, instead of digging through transaction reports at the end of the day to root out problems.