ROI from end-to-end

For many canna-business owners, technology has always been an added struggle on top of managing everything else. It’s no wonder: the systems that were previously available were too basic, too complicated, or not designed to meet the real-life demands of the legal marijuana industry. Switching to smart cannabis ERP software provides powerful tools and insights to protect your compliance and increase your competitiveness.

Still stuck on spreadsheets?

Plain old spreadsheets might have worked fine for your business when you were just starting out. But if you’re still using simplistic record keeping tactics in today’s ultra-competitive market, you’re just leaving money on the table. See how spreadsheets stack up against cannabis ERP software that was built to support the modern marijuana business.

Blank fields you set up yourself
Time-consuming data entry
Double data entry
Complicated equation programming
Information silos in disparate computers
Compliance reporting struggles
Multiple sheets for multiple dispensaries or locations
Integrated Cannabis ERP Software
Custom-configured workflows to match your operations
Data is updated in real time
A single change updates all related records automatically
Straightforward prompts let you analyze data fast
Secure, 24/7 cloud-based access to all your data in one place
Automatic reporting that complies with local regulations
View data for all your locations in one place, even those in different states or countries

Want a more successful canna-business? Visualize it.

Data is only as useful as your ability to make sense of it. Thousands of data points don’t do you any good if you’re not sure what they’re trying to tell you. MJ Platform has beautiful data visualization tools built right into the software to provide you with a clear picture how your business is performing.

Cross Index

Select the information you want to compare and the software will filter all your data in a fraction of a second. Want to know sales of a particular vape pen among buyers in a specific zip code? Want to find out which days of the week are most productive for trimming? MJ Platform cannabis ERP software can show you instantly.

Check Progress Over Time

Set bookmarks for specific visualizations and check back in at a later time using the same parameters. Keep an eye on productivity, sales, ROI, expenses, yield, and more with user-friendly, at-a-glance charts.

Real-Time Snapshot

Because your data is always kept current, you can see the full scope of your business any given moment with just a few clicks. No more waiting for your accounting department to aggregate data and crunch all the numbers.

Populate Reports

You’re not the only person who is interested in the health of your business. Use the software’s visualization tools to generate informative charts and tables to share with business partners, investors, or regulators.

Compare to the Industry

Check your own metrics against others in the marketplace. By comparing your data set with the largest aggregation of cannabis data in the industry, you can gauge where you’re already shredding your competition and where you can afford to be more aggressive.

Seed-to-Sale ERP Software for the Entire Cannabis Supply Chain

One of the best things about MJ Platform marijuana ERP software is that it was developed by cannabis experts who have a holistic understanding of how the marijuana supply chain works.

Instead of developing a solution that applies to only one segment of the industry, we built seed-to-sale marijuana ERP software that understands where your business came from and wherever you plan to end up. Specific modules support various aspects of the industry, so if you decide to expand your service offerings or add additional locations, simply add another module and build on your existing data set. No downtime. No platform switchover. No record-keeping chaos.

Smart cannabis ERP software delivers solutions that meet the needs of businesses at every scale in almost every corner of the cannabis ecosystem.



Real-time virtual management for all your grow operations in every location.

  • Closely monitor yield
  • Set schedules for every stage of cultivation
  • Protect against compliance violations
  • Streamline operations


Manage every aspect of your supplies and vendors in a single system.

  • Automatic re-order alerts
  • Calculate cost of goods and services down to the penny
  • Identify strongest products
  • Standardize processes


Deliver the service levels that keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Oversee multiple locations
  • Automate compliance reporting
  • Control inventory
  • Create personalized loyalty programs


Stock more of the products your clients love and become their  favorite resource.

  • Reduce costs
  • Manage sales & inventory
  • Track shipping & deliveries
  • Gain marketing insights


Become more strategic about your operations and watch your ROI rise.

  • Optimize delivery routes
  • Track inventory
  • Manage fleet & labor
  • Ensure compliance

Multi-Vertical Organizations

Generate valuable business intelligence in with few clicks.

  • Multi-location and currency capability
  • Forecasting tools
  • Compliance across all verticals in every jurisdiction
  • Role-based permissions

10 Myths About Cannabis ERP Software

We’ve heard lots of gossip about what it’s like to get set up with a new cannabis ERP system. We’re here to set the record straight.

  1. Myth: "Once the system is set up, I’ll be totally on my own."

    We want to make sure you’re fully comfortable using your cannabis ERP software, so we stay by your side during launch and stick around long after to answer your questions. Our people are your people.

  2. Myth: "These systems have tons of bells and whistles I’ll never use."'

    Depends on which system you’re using. MJ Platform is designed to accommodate cannabis businesses in every vertical (or multiple verticals at once), so you’ll only be using tools that apply specifically to your operation.

  3. Myth: "Switching to a new system means I’ll have to buy all new POS equipment."

    MJ Platform operates seamlessly with the most popular POS hardware, so you’ll be able to keep the equipment you’re already using.

  4. Myth: "I spent years developing my business workflow. New software is just going to complicate things."

    Cannabis-specific ERP software like MJ Platform was developed by experts in the marijuana industry. Built-in workflows already align with your vertical and can be further configured to match exactly how you are currently doing business.

  5. Myth: "I’m too busy as it is. I won’t have time to sort through all this data."

    Beautifully designed data visualization tools like charts and graphs make it easy for you to understand the new business intelligence your ERP software is generating.

  6. Myth: "The switchover will take forever."

    Actually, depending on how complete your records are right now, populating your new system usually only takes a few weeks.

  7. Myth: "If I set everything up now and want to expand my business in the future, I’ll have to start all over again."

    An integrated marijuana ERP solution like MJ Platform is built to scale with your business. With a few clicks, you can add new territories, industry verticals, or currencies and see the entire scope of your organization as it evolves.

  8. Myth: "My staff don’t have the time to learn a new system."

    Because it was developed specifically for the cannabis industry, MJ Platform features intuitive workflows and straightforward language that mirrors how you are already operating. Most staff feel comfortable after just a few minutes of using the software.

  9. Myth: "Switching to a new system opens up the risk of screwing up compliance requirements or missing deadlines."

    Quite the opposite! When developing our integrated cannabis ERP software solution, we made compliance a priority. Automated reporting tools submit information to all regulatory bodies on your behalf, so you never have to log into a reporting portal again. We update the software regularly to make sure that all compliance requirements are current.

  10. Myth: "ERP software is expensive."

    With MJ Platform cannabis seed-to-sale software, you license only the aspects of the software you’ll use for your operations. The amount of business insights you’ll get into how to cut costs and increase ROI will quickly make the value of your investment clear.